2822 Pennsylvania Avenue

Weirton, WV  26062

(304) 914-6888

a non-profit organization

We sincerely appreciate your interest in DANCEnterprises.  With the help of your generosity a child in our area can enjoy the fun of dance, the companionship of new friends and the gratitude of learning a new skill.  There are several ways to donate to our wonderful organization.

    1.  Add DANCEnterprises to your Kroger Rewards Card and a portion is donated to our organization straight from Kroger, at no cost to you.

    2.  Shop through the Amazon Smile link when ordering through Amazon and a portion is donated to our organization straight from Amazon, at no cost              to you.

    3.  Mail or drop of monetary donations to DANCEnterprises, 2822 Pennsylvania Ave., Weirton, WV  26062.  Please label mailed checks as DONATION.   All donations are tax deductible.

**For help with making any of these forms of donations, please call Anna at 304-914-6888 or see Michele in the studio office.