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​​​Tiny Tots

Potty Trained - 5 Years Old

This will perhaps be your child's first introduction to the wonderful world of dance or even to a classroom environment. Social skills, communication skills, and, of course, locomotive and physical skills will be challenged in a new way. We want to make sure that your child's dance training is fun, safe, and age & ability appropriate. We work not to make your child a "star", but to instill a lifelong love for music and dance.

The songs we sing and the steps we execute, all prepare students to build on the technique needed for proper training. The excitement of perfecting a movement and the feeling of accomplishment will add confidence to each student. Not giving up and working toward a goal, even at a young age, are lessons that will stay with students for a lifetime.

We will teach basic Jazz, Ballet, and Gymnastics/Acro drills and steps.

Children must be able to leave parents.

Children may need to be in these classes for 2-3 years.

Yearly classes-

Monday 4:30pm-5:10pm


​Wednesday 5:00pm-5:40pm

Classes run September 2020-May/June Recital 2021

If you need to start later in the season, please contact us so adjustments can be made. 


At DANCEnterprises we strive to make every aspect of your experience a positive one! Here are the things that are important to us…which creates for you

“The DANCE Experience”!!

Experienced Instructors
DANCE instructors are chosen for their expertise in the field of dance, as well as their passion for teaching children. DANCE invests in their education to ensure a layering of their knowledge and to help them stay current on new dance & teaching trends. We are the only studio in the surrounding area certified by ACROBATIC ARTS.

Creative Syllabus
DANCE has a unique syllabus that ensures consistency between teachers and progression from year-to-year. Our creative teaching methods help enhance the learning process. Students learn how to express themselves creatively while building self-confidence through their dance education. We are able to adjust our class structure to accommodate all students.

At DANCE we put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything is age-appropriate; from our choice of music to our costume selections.

Welcoming Environment
Be greeted with a smile upon entering DANCE. We have a nurturing family atmosphere where all children are treated equally.  Enjoy watching your dancer through our TVs in our lobbies.  Younger children have fun at the play area, while older children have quiet space for homework available to them.

DANCE offers all dance attire and supplies in our boutique located in the lobby.  Staff is always available to help.  

Organization & Communication
DANCE's Office Staff is available during all class hours to assist & answer questions. Program and performance information is provided well in advance. Families will remain informed and updated via email, newsletters, Facebook, studio bulletin boards and out website. We also have group texting through our software program. Online payments can also be made through our website.

Let this be the year you become part of the DANCE family!

Teaching in your community since 1997

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