Tiny Tots - 2 Years Old - 5 Years Old (MUST BE FULLY POTTY TRAINED)

This will perhaps be your child's first introduction to the wonderful world of dance or even to a classroom environment. Social skills, communication skills, and, of course, locomotive and physical skills will be challenged in a new way. We want to make sure that your child's dance training is fun, safe, and age & ability appropriate. We work not to make your child a "star", but to instill a lifelong love for music and dance.
The songs we sing and the steps we execute, all prepare students to build on the technique needed for proper training. The excitement of perfecting a movement and the feeling of accomplishment will add confidence to each student. Not giving up and working toward a goal, even at a young age, are lessons that will stay with students for a lifetime.
We will teach basic Jazz, Ballet, and Gymnastics/Acro drills and steps.

Children must be able to leave parents. Children may need to be in these classes for 2-3 years.


We are an affiliate Studio of Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet, Ready Set Tap, Ready set Acro & Ready set Move in Weirton WV. 

Ready Set classes are perfectly designed to keep preschoolers stimulated, fit and most importantly to ensure they have lots of fun while developing the 3 C's. 


​​​​2822 Pennsylvania Ave.

Weirton, WV 26062

(304) 914-6888


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