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Why register at DANCEnterprises?

Our lessons can help children improve their social and

communication skills, learn how to work as a team, develop

a sense of trust and cooperation and make new friends.  

At DANCE you have become part of a family.

Dance, gymnastics and acro classes can be beneficial for

children of all ages.  Regular practice can increase flexibility,

range of motion, physical strength, muscle tone, balance,

coordination, stamina and more.  

We encourage kids to get up and try again when needed,

because they know if they continue to work hard they will achieve their goals.  With each step, they become more confident in themselves and that carries over into all aspects of their lives.  By teaching children they can be successful at physical skills, it encourages them to get up off the couch and put down their iPads! 

Students who regularly participate in lessons tend to perform better academically than their nonparticipating peers.  "FamilyTalk Magazine" estimates that students who have a background in dance tend to achieve significantly higher SAT scores and do better in math and science competitions.

One thing overlooked by our population is the ability to perform in front of people in a pressure situation.  At DANCE it becomes second nature.  We encourage students to watch their teammates because they can learn by watching as well as doing.  This creates confidence in our children to step up and do their best when people are watching. Our students are often first to volunteer in schools to demonstrate or raise their hand to answer a question they are unsure of.  They gain the confidence in themselves to be right, and the understanding that even if they are wrong, that they gave their best effort. 

Please visit the about us page for more information on how DANCE can make a difference.